Wild Places and Songs of Love and Life includes songs about the beauties of the land, songs about people, of family and friends, and the hidden blessings in our everyday lives.

“I’m Just a Child, Come Teach Me,” was inspired when Joni’s first nephew was born and all the things a new auntie wanted to share.


“If You Had Three Wishes,” was written while working as a summer camp counselor, and reflects some of the amazing wishes and dreams of 10 and 12 year olds. “Count Your Blessings!” is an upbeat song that finds the good, even in the little things. There are songs that are whimsical and fun, and songs about love, and loving again. And there are songs too, about some of the harder chapters of our lives, of loving and losing those we care for deeply.

The CD has 15 original compositions. Consisting primarily of vocals and acoustic guitar, musician Albert McDonnell from Juneau, Alaska, also joins Joni on selected songs with backup harmony vocals and fun and lively mixes of acoustic and electric bass and guitar, percussion and synthesizer. Local Juneau musicians also add flute, oboe, violin, and synthesized piano to some of the music.

With songs that appeal to all ages, this CD will be one to treasure and share for many years to come. Enjoy the music!


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